Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Notes from Fixtures Meeting 2 August 2017

Secretaries Report & Correspondence  

 Charter Standard

It is pleasing to report that once again the League were the winners in the FA Charter Standard League of the Year for Durham County, this is now the third time the League has won the award.  Also the League won the County FA Respect Award for 2017 and the presentation will be held on Tuesday 15 August at Durham County Cricket Ground, I will be going to the awards night with president Derek Overton, this is a testament to the League and all who are involved with it.  Also Hardwick Social Club were the winners of the Charter Standard Club of the Year to cap off a great season for them, so well done to Hardwick Social Club.


League Statement – from FA received on a weekly basis.
Various E-Mails requesting fixture postponements already
Letter DFA re sanction of league for Season 2017-2018
Letter DFA re Charter Standard League of the Year Award
Letter DFA re FA Respect Award County Winner
Email from DFA & NRCFA re changes to administration process (more in Secretaries Report)

Secretaries Report

I have organised a meeting on Monday 14 August at Stockton Town F.C commencing at 7pm for all new teams and new secretaries and anyone else who wishes to attend to go through what is required and expected of them, please make an effort to attend.

Moving on to the fixtures, (already teams are requesting postponements) they have been issued up to 5 September 2017 fixtures for 10 September 2017 will be the Ian Gorman Memorial Trophy which will be drawn tonight.  However the fixtures on the 3 & 17 September 2017 are subject to change due to Durham Sunday Cup, you will need to check website for any fixture or referee change.  I will also email teams advising there has been a change to the advised fixture.  Please note those teams who have requested a postponement will be playing the game midweek so as not to get behind with fixtures.  Teams in Division One & Two have also got a midweek fixture each as well as a couple of premier division teams.

I should be getting the cup draw for the first preliminary round of the Durham Sunday Cup this weekend so please check website for update and any changes to fixtures and referee’s.

The Player Insurance; this has already been paid by the League so players were covered in friendlies.  The outstanding money £55 needs to be paid to the League Secretary on or before the 1 September 2017, if not paid then team will not be allowed to play on 3 September and will be charged with an unplayed game.

All teams should have returned the Agreement form to me by tonight, if it has not been returned then there will be a £10 fine administered for non-return.  There are 19 forms outstanding.

Registrations: All registrations should be submitted to Jes Lambert and not to myself (unless otherwise advised)  A reminder that the retained list needs to be submitted by tonight and any other registrations by Sunday 6 August 2017 in order to play the first game if you don’t have a fixture first week then retained list still needs to be submitted.  If a player on the retained list hasn’t signed by 2 August then he becomes a new registration.

New Administration Process for 2017-2018:

Amendments for the 2017/18 season which will affect teams that play Step 5 i.e Northern League division 1 and below. The main changes are as follows:

Suspension Start Dates — any automatic suspension will commence 7 days from the day of the dismissal (it was 14 days last season).

Referee Reports — if a player is dismissed it is the Clubs/Teams responsibility to contact the Association within 3 days of the game to ensure we have received the report and are able to tell the Club/Team the number of games the player will be suspended for.

Late payments/ responses — if payment for any disciplinary action is not received within 14 days from the date of issue the fuil amount on the invoice issued will be increased by 25% and if that amount is not paid within a further 7 days the Club/Team will be suspended.

Appeals regarding discipline — from 2017/18 season any disciplinary committee decisions regarding misconduct charges commence 3 days after the date of the hearing and should a Club/Player wish to appeal that decision this must be submitted within the same 3 day period.

Other activities — any suspension imposed will include other activities, such as Referee/ Coaching etc.

Suspension Start Dates
Following any case that has an automatic suspension (Red Card, 5/10/15 cautions) all suspensions will commence 7 days from the date of the offence. The onus is on the Player and Club to ensure the suspension is served irrespective whether paperwork is received or not.

Late Payment & Response Update
If a late fine is applied this will be due 14 days from the issue of the fine and will amount to 25% of the original amount invoiced. Failure to pay will result in a Club suspension on the first Monday 7 days after the monies were due.

Mandatory Minimum Sanctions To ensure consistency Nationally, mandatory minimum sanctions have been introduced, an individual who receives a charge below and if found proven, will face as a minimum the sanction below listed. A Commission can increase based upon the aggravating factors that are present. These are not an entry point.

 Assaults on a Match Official – 5 year minimum sanction
 Physical contact on a Match official - 84 days & £100 minimum
 Threatening a match official – 56 days/6 matches & £50 minimum

If a late response fine is applied this will be due 14 days from the issue of the fine and will amount to 25% of the original amount invoiced. Failure to pay will result in a Team suspension on the first Monday 7 days after the monies were due.

Match Sheets for the coming season, all teams have been issued with 10 to start the season.  Please remember that all players listed on the match sheet must appear on the website including any substitute named who doesn’t play.  The website and team sheet should match each other, as a reminder, the WHITE copy is given to the referee before kick-off and the PINK copy to your opponents and you keep the BLUE copy until the end of the season in case this is required by the Management Committee.  Just as a reminder to all that the match sheet needs to be exchanged before kick-off.  Also the match sheet must contain the referee’s name (if unsure ask the referee) also must be signed by a Club Official and the Club name entered to signify whose team sheet it is, if any of this is missing then a fine will be issued.

A number of Clubs are reporting that players owe them money and can the league suspend them, I have checked this with DFA and the only way to stop a player from signing for another team is to report the player to DFA or NRCFA as the case may be.  If you don’t report then the league doesn’t have the right or power to stop the player signing for another team.

Can I ask that you check the labels on your envelope to make sure they are correct, if any mistakes can you please email me the correct details.  Also check the website to make sure all details are correct, if any not then you now have the ability to change the details using your login and password.

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